Privacy Policy  

The contact person for all of your questions, requests or complaints about the processing of your personal data at Frederik Vercruysse, photographer is: Frederik Vercruysse  frederik@frederikvercruysse.com

As part of his activities, Frederik Vercruysse processes the personal data of natural persons and this can relate to natural persons, staff, applicants, stylists, setdressers, talents, etc.

Frederik Vercruysse utilises a strict privacy policy in conformance with the GDPR regulation.

Frederik Vercruysse processes the personal data that is required for the implementation of arrangements and agreements that are entered into in the context of its activities, and also processes that data which is required to enable Frederik Vercruysse to carry out his activities.

This can be your first name, last name and contact details, but also your choice of language, your company or VAT number, your bank account number, credit card number, e-mail address, etc. This can also be the communication that you have with Frederik Vercruysse as a current or potential partner, participant, applicant, extra, involved party, etc.
Frederik Vercruysse processes very little sensitive personal data within the meaning of the GDPR.

The processing in the context of proposed or ongoing arrangements and agreements is in fact also the main legal basis for the data processing by Frederik Vercruysse.

If required, your additional, explicit and specific permission will be requested for the processing of your personal data in conformance with the GDPR. Permission granted can, in principle, be withdrawn electronically and at no charge, unless of course there is another legal basis for the processing.

In this regard, Frederik Vercruysse notes that he and his staff can also process your data based on a ‘legitimate interest’ in the processing. In this way, for example, Frederik Vercruysse can inform you about new project proposals that can be of potential interest to you if you have already entered into a relationship in this regard with Frederik Vercruysse. As it has done in the past, Frederik Vercruysse will of course always do this within reasonable limit and never in a way that is aggressive or unwanted.

Frederik Vercruysse first receives the personal data that he processes from the natural persons concerned themselves (directly). Of course, he will never misuses this data
Frederik Vercruysse will not save the personal data that he processes any longer than is required for the purposes of the processing.

Any sensitive data will only be saved for the length of time required for the implementation of the relevant agreement or for as long as it must be saved for whatever reason.

Frederik Vercruysse keeps the personal data that he possesses up to date and changes or corrects the data where required.

Frederik Vercruysse guarantees the integrity, the security and the confidentiality of the personal data, both technically and organisationally. Frederik Vercruysse saves important/sensitive personal data on his own secure HD.

Frederik Vercruysse processes the personal data himself initially (both internally and externally for information and communication purposes). Frederik Vercruysse and his staff will only transfer data to third parties if this is necessary. Of course, only the data that is strictly necessary will be provided.

Frederik Vercruysse also transfers personal data to external partners, however only to the degree required to carry out his activities and his task as a photographer. Frederik Vercruysse and his staff can also share information between them where required.

The transfer of personal data to foreign parties outside the EU can also prove to be an absolute necessity within the framework of the implementation of certain agreements and the involved party therefore grants its permission for this processing.

If Frederik Vercruysse transfers personal data to a party outside the EU that is not on a list of ‘safe countries’ (in the context of the GDPR), to the extent possible, he will demand the appropriate security safeguards.

Frederik Vercruysse will ensure to the greatest possible extent that the external partners that process personal data for him or that are (jointly) responsible for the data processing comply with the provisions of the GDPR. To do that, he will do everything possible to enter into ‘processing agreements’ with the main partners.

Frederik Vercruysse guarantees that you as an involved natural person can exercise the rights that the GDPR grants you (information, access, copy, correction, erasure, restriction of and objection to the processing and data portability).

You can exercise your rights at no charge and electronically using the contact information specified at the start of this privacy statement. Frederik Vercruysse can only charge you administrative costs in case of overly burdensome requests.

This statement was last updated on November 9, 2022